Stratus delivers continuous uptime for Rockwell Automation customers running FactoryTalk® View SE, FT Historian, FT ProductionCentre, PharmaSuite® MES, PlantPAx and other critical plant applications

What Stratus does for Rockwell Automation customers?

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  • Long lifecycles of equipment and industrial applications
  • Upgrades and migrations further increase life expectancy of plant assets
  • Always-on complex processes require constant monitoring and uninterrupted operations
  • Most systems are interlinked with other software, e.g ERP, MES etc.
  • Adoption of virtualisation has brought efficiencies but also complexity


  • Modernise and upgrade equipment
  • Replace older systems that take longer to restore when they fail
  • Implement reliable technology which also allows for continuous visibility of the plant
  • Remember – IT stoppages or failures can directly cause production delays
  • Virtualised servers can be a single point of failure for multiple applications – make sure they are fault tolerant

Stratus delivers solutions that keep Rockwell Automation’s critical applications running 24/7/365

Stratus has many customers with Rockwell Automation in the UK & Globally

Food and Beverage, Water and Waster Water, Power and Energy, Oil and Gas, Pharmaceuticals & Biotech, Chemicals & more

Stratus Always-On Solutions in Industrial Automation

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Continuous Availability

99.999% continuous application availability without loss of data in flight

Cost Effective

Standards based platform and software deployable from the datacenter to the edge, manageable by non-IT staff

Operationally Simple

Prevention of downtime secures reputation, lowers cost and guarantees data integrity and compliance

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